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RWZ story arcs: Give them more merits

Razor Cure

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Even after the great Vanguard merit re balance (which was a good thing), Mothership raids still happen quite often. You still get around 800-1200 (ish) merits per 30 min run. And the Vmerits have some handy uses.

But..the actual story arcs, given out BY the Vanguard personnel..give jack shit merits. If you do all the arcs (4 i think), you end up with maybe MAYBE 50 Vmerits. Which is just worthless. It wont even get you one incarnate salvage.


Sure, the obvious answer is..Why aren't you doing ship raids for the merits?!


Which has the equally obvious and valid answers:

I like to solo or do small teams

The raids lag me to shit

They make me crash (having seen the same person crash about 25 times during one raid, this is the biggest problem)


Let's increase the V Merit rewards for the missions. Doing all of them in small teams or solo should at LEAST get you enough for a Grai Matter.

Perhaps the V drops per enemy could stay the same (although..why do you get 1 merit per dead guy on a ship raid, but about 1/25 in the missions??) but the mission rewards could give a flat 10-20 (there is maybe 30 missions in the zone).

Completing the objectives/freeing the NPCs (some of the NPCs arent tied to mission objectives, so this would encourage people to do more) could also give flat rate rewards.

At the very least, the final mission (2 EBs at the very least) should award 25+ V Merits.


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As far as awards, the raids have a ton of enemies at... don't they generally spawn at 54? So it kind of makes sense that killing them en masse is giving you a rain of merits. That's honestly irrelevant to what you're asking about, though.


I want to say I've ended up with more than that, but given there are chunks of the arc you're not fighting Rikti (which are what drop the merits, after all,) but rogue Vanguard, Nemesis, etc.... it "makes sense" that they're not dropping. Regardless of that, though, you're still working for Vanguard. So while you wouldn't get them for individual defeats (since you're not fighting Rikti at that point,) there should still be a good Vmerit reward at the end. If this were implemented, I'd imagine that, say, the first time you run through (both "each arc" and "finishing the whole thing," you'd get a bonus reward, but even repeating, getting a reasonable vmerit reward for finishing the arc would make sense and make running them more desirable.


(Of course, that comes back to "need more stuff to spend them on besides an HVAS, storage (once) and then converting." No, I do not want unlockable costume pieces to come back, that sucked.)

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