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Second Wind


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I was wondering why regen sent builds see this as the most skippable power, i haven't played regen on a sent but mids seems to indicate it bumps your hp if you click it while alive and rezzes you when dead. Isn't this the sent regen version of dull pain? Or is it just junk power pick that you can insta skip when your putting together your build?

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I'm not sure about whatever monolithic regen sent build you're talking about.  


A player could skip Second Wind and that decision will likely revolve around the cooldown the power.  Even if you push a high recharge build Second Wind will still have a downtime longer than a minute.  It is a clutch heal but not nearly as effective for healing throughput as Reconstruction is.  

I happen to like Second Wind.  I tend to suggest taking it and Moment of Glory more often than I don't.  That said, both powers could be dropped if something else works out better for the player.  

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