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Which is better for solo?


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/devices has trip mines, which can be stacked over four minutes to do big damage to an AV you pull over to them; however, the cast time is long and the recharge is kinda slow until you get a whole lot of increased recharge speed buffs. Trip mine is a neat gimmick and can be fun soloing, if you are in a "super tactical" mood. Other aspects of /devices fit that mindset very well also: If memory serves, you can toss smoke grenades at a group of enemies over and over from stealth without them noticing. The -tohit debuff stacks and lasts for a minute, so when you do start blasting you are much safer. Finally, caltrops will make enemies run around not attacking, thereby reducing the damage you take.  All used together, you can stealthily bombard a x8 group until they can't see their noses, then throw down some caltrops and blast all the lieutenants and minions. Finally, if the booses/elite bosses/AVs are too difficult to take on when the rest are cleared out, you can retreat to safety and lay down a dozen trip mines. 


I can't comment on /trick arrow, as I've never played an archery-themed character!

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