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SG registrar search window


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So, one of the more... useless things, honestly, since live has been the supergroup search window.


It is:


Fixed in size other than height.

Not that helpful to search in.

Not a source of particularly useful information.


It has a "Top 100 supergroups" button which... doesn't tell how they're the top, and doesn't really give any information. It used to go by prestige (as I recall,) but right now if you hit it everyone shows 0, since prestige isn't a thing now.

IF the group has put in a description, you can hover over it to read it, but not all groups have that or have useful info in it.


Also, the "Search" (by name) limits what you can put in. Yes, it'll match anything with what you put in it, but it's still tiny.


This window *really* needs a revamp to be useful.


Hand in hand with it would be "Revamp the SG description window."


What I'd like to see done to it:

1. Let it be resized. You can resize the columns, but not most of the window itself. And with more information, you'll want this to be resized.

2. Get rid of the prestige column. It has no use.

3. Give it room for more information! Name and description are great, sure. But it doesn't really help, if there's nothing in the description.  Give the SG description window more options to show up here:

  • Public/private
  • Tags - RP, casual, PVP, closed/accepting invitations
  • Hero/villain specific (if the SG wants to be described that way.) Or "mixed membership."
  • The leader's name! (Barring this, a "Send SG message" button if the leadership doesn't want their name showing, in case someone wants/needs to contact them.)
  • Perhaps a "Number of members / number of unique globals" and/or "last active member on" type option. (This would help sort out "me and all my alts" groups for those looking for active SGs, for instance.)

All of these, of course, are optional for the SG, or would have defaults that can obviously be shut off.


For instance, from blueside I can search and find my redside "give my alts a home" group. (Yes, I *know* I can throw them all in one SG.) There's:

- No indication the group exists - I'd have to know the name or be lucky on a search to find it.

- No indication that it's redside focused.

- No indication it's private.

- No way to reach the "leader" of that group, by character or by global.

- No indication on just how active it is.


So if someone happens to find that name, they have no idea if they'd want to join, what it's about, if they'd fit at all - anything. They can ask in Help, yell in broadcast, or come and look to see if I've posted anything about it on the forum (if they know where to look.)


End result would be going from something like this:

Name Prestige Description
SG OF People 0  
People persons 0

We do stuff!


To something like, oh:

Name Alignment Tags Accepting New members Public/Private Unique Globals Leader Description
SG of People Villain RP, Alts N Private 1 Send Message  
People Persons Any RP, PVP, Events Y Public 42 @Leader Person Hey! We're open and always active to PVP, RP, farm. Daily TFs. Just don't be a jerk and you'll fit right in! Base code Whoopee-123456.


A bit more useful, hmm? 


Obviously this information doesn't have to be *these* categories, but something more useful would be *very* nice.

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