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Best boy blaster - Vomiting blood or bleeding vomit?!


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Pray a moment, and go head over water/sonicey heels for poisony vomit crey blaster boy: lucien crey


He became too much to live on the family estate.. . mutilating servants, raising his tone with mother, other else aside, and worse we'rtold! To boarding school 

, he was sent.

Well'p... with a plague on in paragon, he's home early for christmas. 


! Water / sonic assault new powerset ! 


Looks like vomiting or throwing blood or snot or whatever you like! 


Seems good dmg, skill range. 


Everything about water seems just great. Good damage, cold is low resisted and the off component is smashing, I don't know if they fixed procs yet but there's a lot going on in water. 


Sonicey wise, no idea. 


Anything particularly good or bad in water / the new sonic assault set that stands out to you? 

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