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Request: Buff Regen Set

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I'm nearly done leveling up a dark/regen scrapper. I had heard that Regen was nerfed back in Live, but didn't have any experience with the newly balanced Regen set. A friend tried to level one, but failed miserably to keep up with the rest of us. Died constantly. So I tried my hand at building one, and here are my thoughts...


Regen is indeed a tricky ability to balance. I think if the regenerative abilities were buffed, they would end up being too powerful. The problem with the set now is that it is no where near as powerful as other scrapper/brute/tanker secondaries. To bring the Regen set into line with the other secondaries, I would recommend buffing resistance and/or defense.


The Regen set already has a resistance power called Resilience, but it is a tiny 10 point shield. I'd recommend doubling or tripling this number to bring it in line with other secondary shields. Adding a defense component to the power might also be a way to balance the set.  The Willpower set is an excellent set to compare with Regen since it also has a large regenerative aspect. Notice there is a balance of regen, resistance, and defense in that set. The Regen set just needs to be balanced a little better.


Buffing resistance and/or adding a defense component seems like the easiest way to go, however another thing you could do instead or in addition, is to add additional maximum health to one of the auto powers in the set... but it would need to be a LOT of health.  



My Experience: What I had to do is to use IO set bonuses to increase melee defense in addition to taking the Fighting pool. The Regen set was UNplayable before I did that. With less people hitting the toon and dealing less DPS, the regen was able to better cope. Otherwise, the toon would get constantly overwhelmed... within seconds. I should say that at level 47, even with melee defense at 35%, the Regen set's performance does not come close to other secondaries. It's playable, barely, but if I take my eyes off of my health bar for more than a second, I'm dead. I am literally not watching the combat or the environment around me, I am just staring at my health bar and managing that as best as I can.  Incidentally, if you play the Regen set, I'd recommend you pair it with a primary set whose powers have short activation times. 1-3 seconds really matters with Regen at the moment. It's the difference between life and death, since you're using your heals as fast and as much as you can to stay alive. 

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Regen isn't newly balanced, it got nerfed harder than it should've back in issue 5, then got Moment of Glory changed to something more useful in issue 11 (which was the same issue that added Willpower) and Resilience got changed to resist all rather than resist smash/lethal/toxic in issue 21. The game closed with issue 24 in beta.


And while I agree that Regeneration needs buffs, I think many would say just adding straight resist/defense isn't the way to go, though I've seen and liked the idea of adding scaling resist bonus so you start with 10% from Resilience at full health and it scales up to far better values as health drops.

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Time to post again...


how to fix regen


1. Give more -regen resist

2. Either lower recharge a bit or increase duration of instant healing or moment of glory 

3. give stalkers some +recovery in combination with fast healing

4. allow Rez to be used while alive (like sentinels)

5. Have the heals in dull pain and reconstruction fire off at the beginning of the animation, rather then towards the end. 

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