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Server and name jumping.

Power Lord

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Hi..i have a char on one server (server A) I like to keep as my main in terms of name and look.

However he's a tank and I got the idea of trying him out as a brute so I went to another server on homecoming.  (i'll call it sever B)

He's an exact replica of my previous main even in name. 


I like him as a brute so what id like to do is either:

change my original alts name and keep him on my preferred server (A) or move him to another server entirely. 


Either way, his name should immediately vanish from my preferred server. 


So, I plan to take my newest incarnation and move him from server B to server A.  Both alts have exactly the same name down to the hyphen. 


My question is this: If I change my originals name or move him from server A...Does his original name immediately become up for grabs again on that server?


So when I move my brute version from B to A...I shouldn't have any renaming issues. 

Am I correct?


Thanks for assistance here. 

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Anytime you move a character off a server or change a character's name, that name becomes immediately available on the server it was on. It does not reserve the name to you to make on a different server, so if the name you had in mind is taken you're shit out of luck.



lvl 50 Tank - Hero Man on Torchbearer, server transfers to Everlasting. An RP'er over there named Johnny has a lvl 1 Peacebringer that sits in Pocket D all day named Hero Man. You pick a name (Her0 Man) and are on Everlasting, the name Hero Man on Torchbearer is immediately taken by a 12 year old from Philadelphia named Benny Franklin. Benny is now Hero Man on Torchbearer, and Johnny is Hero Man on Everlasting, and you're left being Her0 Man.


Moral of the Story: Be careful with transferring toons and changing names, as life is extremely adapt at shitting on you.

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Thanks for replies.

What I'm driving at is, say I have a main on server A called Whammy-Man and I recreate him (with a different power set) on server B. Still called Whammy-Man. 

I change server 1 Whammy-Mans name to Whammy-Funk (dont ask) which should, by my reckoning, free the name Whammy-Man on that server. Meanwhile I take Whammy-Man from server B and send him to server A. 

By my thinking, because I freed server As version of the name, Server Bs Whammy-man should be able to migrate to server A name fully intact. 


Have I missed anything or am I safe to do this without losing the name?



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Almost. Here's a better way:

Server A, Whammy-Man (Tank)
Server B, Whammy-Man (Brute)
1) Create Whammy-Funk (Scrapper) on Server B
2) Rename Whammy-Man (Brute) on Server B to Whammy-Man-X (Brute)
3) Still on Server B, Rename Whammy-Funk (Scrapper) to Whammy-Man (Scrapper). These 2 renames take 2 seconds, and will secure the name Whammy-Man on Server B
4) Move Whammy-Man-X (Brute) to Server A with Whammy-Man (Tank). 
5) Rename Whammy-Man (Tank) to Whammy-Funk, and remove the -X from the Brute. Again, takes 2 seconds. 
6) You now own Whammy-Man on both Servers A and B, plus Whammy-Funk on Server A.

Your way also works, but the time it takes to rename the Tank on Server A, exit, log to Server B, move the Brute takes a tad longer and thereby poses as a risk to losing the name. This has happened to one of my toons in the past. Though I don't think the name Whammy-Man will be in high enough demand for the risk to be threatening.


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