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Psychic Blast: help me choose secondary


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Have LVL 50 Icex3 mostly range blaster that I love. But now is time for blapper mc blapface. So::

I Need help deciding between Sonic, Time, Electric or Mental. Can you share pro/con and what is your preference and why?  Have theme in mind that would fit all of them concept wise. And I can't decide ATM.  

They all seem to have good synergy. I want as non squishy blapper I can get. Want to be in melee, right up in their grills,  crushing their hopes and dreams with my shear awesomeness of blastering. 


Any input and advice and builds is greatly appreciated my fellow blaster kin. 

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I haven't played sonic or electric, but from my experience with time and mental I would go with mental for a full blown melee blaster. I say that mostly based on how strong drain psyche can be. On my ice/psi dom I have nearly perma DP and at saturation you have Instant Healing levels of regen, so staying alive in melee really isn't much of a problem. Also the set has some more mitigation in the spammable psychic shockwave that'll stun a couple of enemies each cast while doing good damage. It also has World of Confusion, which realistically isn't that effective, but if you slot contagious confusion proc it can be pretty spicy when it works.


Time on the other hand has a nice built in stun protection in it's T9, and it of course has the recharge buff and resistance to help you keep a stronger rotation going. Its also got two strong melee attacks whereas psychic just has mind probe (which is excellent). Its PBAoE does more damage than shockwave, but it doesn't offer any more mitigation which might make things a little harder.


Overall I like both the sets, but for a blapper I would personally go with mental just because shockwave is one of my favorite powers period. And WoC is pretty.

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If you want the most effective blapper experience, you want Electric Manipulation.  All the attacks are juicy, damage aura built into the sustain, Shocking Grasp can be procced to the nines to have incredible DPA.  More importantly, it's a separate damage type from Psi blast.  Very important for some high end enemies, like Tarantula Queens who have a lot of psi resist.


Sonic is another option.  While I haven't played it myself, from a glance it has all you need.  Good melee and a good PbAoE.  Other picks could be Fire, Ice, or maybe Atomic which has some built in status resist.

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