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  1. i wouldnt play martial combat without a set with aim. its replacement is less attractive but its still doable. its sustain toggle is an absorb one tho so it will feel noticeably squishier if u dont kill things fast enough.
  2. it will suck to not have them but its not gunna make it impossible to play, especially since the BU replacement in ninja lets u crit.
  3. try ur best not to look at a set and go 'well fire tho...' because then u will never pick anything else.
  4. So I've seen people mention the term 'Blapping' a lot. Didn't really pay attention to it much, and honestly there's no reason to. But I'm gunna make a poll anyway because I'm curious.
  5. dark/fire would be ok. AoE is dark's weak point and fire manip plugs that hole. just be mindful ur gunna have to be close so it's not like its gunna be a pure ranged affair. but if ur not jumping into a mob and blowing ur load and leaving behind piles of bodies, r u really playing a blaster?
  6. Mids is no longer letting me place slots in powers. I didn't update or anything, nor did I change any files. I went to load a build and I can remove but not place slots. Tried to update to no avail. Any word on this?
  7. Inferno does way more damage. But that's all it does.
  8. If you want the most effective blapper experience, you want Electric Manipulation. All the attacks are juicy, damage aura built into the sustain, Shocking Grasp can be procced to the nines to have incredible DPA. More importantly, it's a separate damage type from Psi blast. Very important for some high end enemies, like Tarantula Queens who have a lot of psi resist. Sonic is another option. While I haven't played it myself, from a glance it has all you need. Good melee and a good PbAoE. Other picks could be Fire, Ice, or maybe Atomic which has some built in status resist.
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