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Brute Electric Melee power poll part 1 (level 1 - 12)


Brute Electric Melee  

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  1. 1. power survey: check which you would recommend: should take, should skip, or it is ok?

    • Charged Brawl (level 1) Should take
    • Charged Brawl (level 1) it is ok
    • Charged Brawl (level 1) Should skip
    • Havod Punch (level 1) Should take
    • Havod Punch (level 1) it is ok
    • Havod Punch (level 1) Should skip
    • Jacobs Ladder (level 2) Should take
    • Jacobs Ladder (level 2) it is ok
    • Jacobs Ladder (level 2) Should skip
    • Build Up (level 6) Should take
    • Build Up (level 6) it is ok
    • Build Up (level 6) Should skip
    • Thunder Strike (level 8) Should take
    • Thunder Strike (level 8) it is ok
    • Thunder Strike (level 8) Should skip
    • Taunt (level 12) Should take
    • Taunt (level 12) it is ok
    • Taunt (level 12) Should skip

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i ran an elec elec scrapper once.  i never run scrappers.  i forget the research (this was on live) but there was a significant reason why Elec is better on a Scrapper than a Brute.  Since i prefer Brutes (that was my only 50 scrap) i know the reason was important.  just wish i could remember what it was lol

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