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Issue launching the game


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This is the message I get

We were unable to locate the game data files. It is likely that your installation is corrupt and needs to be repaired. The game will now exit.

Uninstalling and reinstalling fixes the issue most of the time 

Not sure why this is happening and its a recent issue

Any help is appreciated!

Using the new installer.

Win 10



Darksiders GM

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Just the basics to check first:

  • Make sure the game is not installed to a system controlled folder (My Docs, Downloads, Program Files, etc)
    • Best choice is something like C:\Games\City of Heroes
    • The game is portable in that you can drag the whole folder to a new one, but make sure to correct your shortcuts if you do (desktop link, the MODs app if you're using it, etc)
  • Whitelist the Game folder in your AV/Firewall
    • Most know this by now, but people have said that some AV's definition updates are mucking things up

When downloading Anything, it's possible for things to get corrupted, but this is pretty specific. I've seen it mentioned before on the forums, so a quick search for say "data files" may prove helpful until the next GM browses through.

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