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Praetorian Propaganda Posters {Traditional Art}


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I finally got to start playing and enjoying City of Heroes again, not too long ago. I really have missed the game, the story, the community- everything! The main thing I remembered from my original run was Praetoria and how much I LOVED the story and aesthetic there. So since I had a little time off work for the holidays, I decided to draw up a few of my own Propaganda style posters in the style of Praetoria using my Loyalist heroes. 


I have Kat Schrodinger- Responsibility Loyalist and Keyes Power Employee (and my attempt at drawing Ant-Matter... sorry for any coloration mistakes- I'm colorblind >_< )

Hellen Carnate- Powers Loyalist and camera hog.

And Marcus Jr.- Responsibility Loyalist and clone created by Praetor Berry to protect Praetoria. 


If anyone has a hero/ poster idea they would like for Praetoria in particular- please leave it here! If I have the time I'll draw it for you! Trying to get some love Gold-Side!




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@KyuubeWelcome home to the city! zb7XgP0P_o.png

Indeed you don't often see much gold side love.


Nice work on the posters! Helen Carnate is my favorite,

both for the art and the pun. If you are looking for some poster

suggestions how about one that glorifies how Emperor Cole keeps the

citizens safe from Hamidon? Some promotion for the Powers Division perhaps?


P.S. Now I finally know what Ant-Man is made of so thanks for that. 07K1tHnz_o.png



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Like the Costume Creator? Enjoy a challenge? Love to WIN?

You really should've clicked here before 6pm on Sunday the 18th!



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Excellent! Kudos from a fellow Goldsider.


Kameron Daniels signing off!

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What a beautiful work, I love this game so much that I'm ready to glue these arts all over my room. The most important thing is when people draw my favorite characters in their own style. I see a person's soul in this and immediately understand how he relates to the project as a whole and individual characters. I'm thinking of creating a missing poster in the style of this game, as I like the idea that for me, some characters are lost and the idea as a whole. I don't think I can do it better than you since I won't do anything with my own hands, but I think something good should come out.

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