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My new favorite low level characters


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I play tankers and controllers mostly.  And I play level 35 and below.  I find the higher levels too easy and boring.


So these are new characters I have tried based on their abilities at low levels.  I have versions of them at 13, 19, and 23.  While I like all of them, the dark/fire defender is my current favorite.


Defender dark/fire - This is really a controller with blaster aoes.  Cone of fear, howling twilight, and a single target hold.   I can drop tar patch and rain of fire from around a corner, then fireball and fire breath.  And it can heal in a pinch.


Defender sonic/sonic - With bubbles on allies and an aoe bubble I can give my team 56% res.  Then ignore the sonic/ part and just blast with the sonic attacks.  Makes low level teams go smoothly.  But you do have to stay in the middle of the team so it takes a bit of attention.


Dominator plant/savage melee - Especially at level 13 this is great.  The savage melee gives a recharge bonus so seeds of confusion and strangler are up a lot. 


Tanker rad/dark - great tanking ability, healing, and +recharge from rad/.  Dark melee is just great.  A solid tank even at level 12 (with enhancements).  As a trick - put the recharge and damage procs in the heal from rad/ and make it recharge quickly and do a lot of aoe damage.

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