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how to World of Confusion


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Is there a way to get performance from World of Confusion. Its base functionality seems so meager and worthless. Its like a cut rate Oppressive Gloom that lasts a tenth as long with less range.


So how does one squeeze anything out of World of Confusion?


  • Lots of accuracy so that the confusion hits more reliably, then it becomes a disappointing momentary stun.
  • Lots of confusion enhancement to make more of the confusions that do hit
  • Lots of damage to use it as a poor AoE damage source
  • Control Incarnate for a chance at +1 mag
  • Perhaps a cocktail of procs that increase Mag and debuff foes.


It looks like a lot of work to make WoC pretend to be useful. It is only noticeable as a soloing tool. Group content eclipses it so completely as to belie its existence.


On a side note: World of Confusion does NOT break invisibility from the concealment pool. It hardly matters because the effects are so relentlessly milquetoast, but you could, in theory, just stand in the middle of a pack while they take minuscule damage and occasionally ponder homicide before shaking it off.


But what do you think? Have you had success with WoC? Is there a secret to its use? Is it Pro or No?


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11 hours ago, Hedgefund said:

My best argument for WoC: 6 slot Coercive Persuasion.  Ultimate Recharge and ranged def, plus the proc makes it not nearly as bad.

That set bonus is the strongest reason to take and slot WOC. You will be hard pressed to find a more economic use of slots for those bonuses elsewhere aside from superior blasters wrath. When I build characters with a ranged defense focus, confuse powers are an autopick for that reason.

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