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Issue during flying


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So, I am having an odd issue with one of my three superheroes. During flight, she always slowly moves downward as she travels forward as she flies. I can still fly upward using the jump button, but after I do, the downward trajectory resumes from the new height even if I am not pressing the downward flight button. I use the middle mouse wheel to jump/fly upward and the left mouse button to fly downward. The settings for my other superheroes are identical as far as I can tell, yet they will fly in a straight line unless I move down.


I was not sure where to put this topic as I do not know if it is something in the game options or if it is actually a bug. I can post screenshots later but I think that this is something that can only be described. If it is actually a bug, is there any way to get around it? I already tried resetting the keyboard bindings but it still happens.

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