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Why not take a lunch to go?

Cybot X-22

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This is almost certainly never to be a thing as it is a considerable change, but I have to throw this out there as a suggestion anyways. For my own sanity at least.


Quite literally, why cant we take a lunch to go? We absorb all of this essence and consume it to heal, buff our damage, or summon pets, but we throw away any we cant use right away? Why cant we store some of that for later? It becomes a malleable resource that we can use for whatever we want to burn it on. On an archvillian but no minions around? Use some of the stored essence to heal yourself or give yourself a damage buff while burning off your reserves (numbers not mentioned for obvious reasons). Or we could use it to summon pet(s) in the middle of that AV fight.


We absorb essence from foes nearby, or siphon after the fact. We build up a bar, then spend it as needed. If we don't use it fairly quickly, it starts to evaporate and we lose it. This would be a possible solution to all sorts of problems we face as warshades. The current mechanic works, but I feel it has problems that need some brainstorming to fix. This is one possible fix I've been thinking about for a long time.

This does bring us closer to some of the Peacebringer mechanics, but still has our own twist.


Now again, this is almost certainly never to be a thing, but a keldian can dream right?

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