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Dual Blades Combo System Update


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On 2/14/2021 at 2:20 PM, Galaxy Brain said:

Not to bring up (Other Dimensions), but I think there is a (dimension) where DB was altered to be like StJ in that you just build up combos into Finishers.... any thoughts on that?

A path like this would be good, though there are a lot of particulars. Not looking at what is going on in [Other Dimensions], I think I would prefer to not simply have everything be builders and finishers, with combo effect based on the particular finisher.


I think instead, building stacks toward each combo individually could be a neat approach.

So any power in the Weaken combo builds Weaken stacks, which are removed with its finisher. This would mean you could have another combo waiting in the wings.


If too powerful, you could also set finishers to decrement all other combo stacks as well (so Attack Vitals finisher removes all Vital stacks, but also lowers your Empower and Sweep counts by one).

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