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Alt codes (special characters)

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I noticed today as a friend attempted to create a French Canadian character that alt codes did not work (ë, î,ú, ect.).

Was this an oversight, or intentional? (I mean let's face it, that was sure fire way to not get random tells right?)

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I have found that you can paste text containing special characters into bios and battlecries, so if you want your character to say Βινεισθη! as a battle cry, you just have to type it in using another program that will let you and then paste the text as appropriate.  There is no way to enter them directly in game, but if you get them on the screen at least some of them will appear as intended. There are some handy utilities here. 


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I vaguely recall an offhand comment from an Original Dev about why special characters couldn't be in character names. I don't remember the reason but it was deliberate to limit names to standard letters and numbers.


As far as inputting alt codes into chat at least, it actually works. You just need to type the appropriate code in using alt and the 4 digit code for the character, which must be typed on the keypad of your keyboard. (That's just a standard windows thing). So é does not need to be pasted, just alt+0233 on the keypad.


Were you guys finding that you couldn't type directly into bios and had to paste from an external source like character map? Or were you using the standard numbers on the keyboard?


There was someone in Excelsior Help chat last week who was freely inputting Chinese characters and I think they were typing them directly with a software keyboard...

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