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In Memory of @RoseVortex


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@RoseVortexwas a member of Sisterhood SG (The Sisterhood, Sisterhood, The Little Sisterhood, YaYa Sisterhood) on Liberty in live days. She has had a lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis and had a bonus 12 years with us thanks to two double lung transplants. She wore her CoV cape, sent to her by the Paragon Dev team, walking the halls of her hospital after the first transplant. She had the second about 8 years later. She got to see both her "minions" grow up, finish high school and one finish college while the other started. She out lived all expectations and was a true heroes hero. She was loyal to her family and friends and fought long and hard. Now she rests, out of pain.


/em holdtorch

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At 3pm Central (3.5 hours from time of this post) we will be gathering in Ouro on Excelsior to run the Sister Psyche arc as our weekly Sisterhood Sunday event. Today in honor/memory of our sister @RoseVortex. We would run Sister Psyche TF on live often. It was a favorite when we had a Sister working on getting another character to 50 or to celebrate something.  Everyone is always welcome as is the Sisterhood way. We would definitely love to have anyone wanting to honor our Sister.

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