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Task Force Timer not correct?


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Timer bug?  The Prestige Team Teleporter has a 30 min cooldown. I started a Citadel on a 30 min timer and used the TT 10 seconds into the TF to get to the first mission. However, in the last mission I still had 2:30 seconds on the TT timer while the TF timer expired and the challenge failed. Which timer is off by ALOT??

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Ok, but I doubt I had 2 and a half minutes of loading time on my 800M/175M connection.....11 and missions would require each load to take 13 seconds per load for each zone/map....takes about 3-5 seconds max for me to load into a zone or map if that.....



Ok, I lied about my speed a smidgen:






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It's far more likely that the timer on TT was wrong, rather than the one of the TF.


"Event" timers like the one you're talking about here are simple "wall clock" timers. They are checked against the computer's view of "real world" time. So a 30 minute timer set at 5:00 pm would expire at 5:30 pm, as the computer understands it. While the computer clocks are probably slightly inaccurate, they're almost certainly not losing or gaining 2+ minutes per half hour.


Power recharge timers are something else entirely. They're calculated using accumulations, where you add so much credit towards the expiry every "tick" of the server's game event loop. This is so that recharge time boosts can increase how quickly powers recharge - higher recharge boosts mean more accumulation on each tick. All powers work this way, even if they cannot benefit from recharge boosts, as is the case with TT.


That measure of time is very sensitive to server performance. If game server "ticks" take longer than their nominal tick rate assumes (which can happen when the server is busy), you experience "time dialation", where your powers take longer in real world time to recharge than they're supposed to. This historically only showed up during large open world events like Hamidon or RWZ ship raids, and even there it's been rare lately on our more modern hardware / engine improvements.


As mentioned, there are no game server ticks while you're zoning. Your character effectively doesn't exist for that period, though the remaining "credit" on your recharge times is preserved and usually "trued up" with the wall clock time when you reappear. This was why different map servers having different times due to server time offsets errors meant, sometimes, you could zone and see long-recharge powers already recharged well before they should have been.


However, there is another factor here. Your client doesn't have perfect tracking on power recharge. It only gets updates about recharge time remaining from the server every so often, and the longer the recharge of the power, the more likely it is that your client estimation will be off. I do still think that 2+ minutes out of 30 is an unusual degree of error, but I think the error is much more likely to have been with the power's recharge than with the TF's challenge timer.

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