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A new challenger enters the match


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So I've been doing some fiddling with the old Dark Blast rotation and found a new ...#2? Number 1 if you don't include Electric's pet. It turns out that the 1.03s cast time on Umbral Torrent, plus it's 15 second recharge makes it one of the strongest single target attacks in the set once you stack it high with procs that all have a 90% chance to activate as far down as 3PPM. Unfortunately it has an egregiously high base endurance cost, so while you can get more damage of out of it with a single ACC/DMG, it's better to slot a SO end reduction in it. I'm sure once you get Ageless online that will go away, but my character isn't there yet. Additionally for a 5-10% dps drop, you can get Cardiac to pad everything until you do have Ageless up.




Bear in mind that the current maximum is Ele/Bio at 260, which drops down to 250 without the pet. Fire is at 255. If anyone cares, the new version my new sheet is ready, but I'm going to make a page with data chunks for each build to show my work, as it were.

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