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Auras on powers (and maybe emotes?)

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As a customization option, I think it would be neat to attach aura effects to certain/most powers.


In particular: Teleport and Stealth.


Imagine a vampire-type character that bursts a pulse of the Bats aura whenever they teleport.  When they travel via stealth, they could put on a gaseous aura and travel via their gaseous form.


I'm all for attaching it to any and all powers as well, but I think it could get to be a bit much with most toggles (imagine a dark armor character running tough and weave, with 11 auras), so I would consider limiting it to Clicks, Stealths, and probably Travel powers.


Bonus points if we could attach some emotes -- namely the costume change emotes!  These would need to be specialized versions that don't impose their own Rooting (that would be handled by the power they're attached to).  I would certainly fit Teleport into a lot more characters if I could Dimension Shift every time I use it -- that's the one where you scatter out several ghostly clones of yourself that all gather back on you.  Paired with Teleport, it would feel pretty Dr. Manhattan-ly).

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7 hours ago, merrypessimist said:

Isn't this already basically possible with power execute macros?

Auras: tied to costume, not power.


Emotes that root: lock you out of activating the power until it's complete. 


Emotes that do not: I don't think any exist anymore but I believe their animation is killed by the power animation.


Costume change emotes: all the above issues and also require you to select a different costume slot.


What you can do right now is activate a stealth toggle as part of a costume change macro, to a version of your outfit with an aura. That is far, far more limited than what I'm suggesting, especially the Teleport parts.

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