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Ninja MM: Where to slot +Def ATO?


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I recently made my first ninja MM, and I'm finally level 22 and ready to slot level 25 IOs.  I want to get the MM ATO that gives +10% defense.  As of right now, it is the only set IO I can afford (all other slots will get generic lvl 25+ IOs).  With this in mind, where would be the best place to slot this lone IO?


My gut says the T2 pet (2 ACC, 3 DAM, 1 +10% def ATO) would be a good spot, but I would like opinions first.  Thank you very much!

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1: you can probably get away with only 1 Accuracy in those guys... 1 Acc is generally good enough until you start to face significantly higher level mobs, so unless you're playing at +3 or so, with Supremacy added to help their chance to hit, they should be fine. However, you might want to consider 1 End Reduction in them. Although it may only be needed after you get the Level 32 upgrade, I think that Ninjas often have Endurance problems.


2: if you're going with a relatively expensive IO (generally 6 million plus), it's not that expensive comparatively to get some mismatched Acc/Dam/End from sets like Blood Mandate or whatever is available at Level 22, and get more total Enhancement value out of the first 5 slots.


3: you don't really have too many options here, it's just a question of Tier 1 or Tier 2, and of the two, the Tier 2s can afford to have slightly lower total Enhancement since they don't need as much Accuracy as the Tier 1s... they're a level higher, and they do have attacks with -Def debuffing. So I would want the Tier 1s to have all 6 slots on enhancing Acc, Dam, and some End Reduction. But, honestly, I'd try to sneak in more +Def IOs into the Tier 1s as soon as money is available.


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The +10% ATO is only for AoE def. Not sure if it's better than Edict or Call to Arms which both provide +5% def to everything.


While leveling, slot it anywhere. But when close to 50, and you're finalizing your build, slot it in Oni. He should have the most free IO space. This is probably how I would slot the pets at 50, it would only change if paired with Storm.


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Your secondary is very important in the answer.  My Bubble and Dark Masterminds can afford to not need the 10% aoe def io for an example


But here is my Ninja slotting AT 50



2 acc/dmg hamis.  acc/dmg/end ATO2, end/resist aura ATO2, 1 raw end reduction, 1 KB to KD

Why?  Crane Kick is annoying when there are 3 of them.  Genin use A LOT of End.  2 piece ATO2 bonus



2 acc/dmg hamis.  1 acc/dmg/end Blood Mandate.  1 raw end reduction.  remaining 2 resist auras



2 acc/dmg hamis.  1 acc/dmg/end blood mandate.  1 raw end reduction.  2 5% def auras

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