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Indicator for what the Gull has done

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So in (yet another) argument breaking out over masterminds and group fly vs. people not wanting to be flown just for getting in range during an MSR, the (usual) "go see null" was brought up.


There's one issue there. (Well, more than one, but one I'm concentrating on.) That's great if you have just a couple of characters. COH is notorious for encouraging altitis - into the hundreds of characters. (Frankly, I'm amazed I'm only... something over 100 alts.)  There's no way of telling who's seen Null for what, as far as "transport power effects" are.


Could we *get* some sort of indicator? Menu item, buff icon, slash command (/travelstats, /gull,) something? Just to make it easier to tell ahead of time if something's been turned on or off before getting into a situation where running to another zone and back isn't really feasable (RWZ and the Hive can fill and not let you back in, after all.)


(Personally I'd rather see the options turned *into* slash commands or menu items to make toggling easier, but that's a different discussion all together. )



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