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Make Frostwork an Absorb Shield

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On 1/10/2022 at 3:59 AM, jaw354 said:

Just wanna chime in and say that Penelope Mayhem is the Praetorian Penelope, follow the Mr. G story arcs, not the same Penelope you see standing in IP or Faultline.


Also, I'm fully in agreement that +Absorb would be more beneficial for the majority of ATs and builds, as even on ATs who have large Max HP caps, they are able to nearly reach that point on their own with the right powers and enhancement sets. (This coming from a variety player who runs between Stalkers, EATs, and the rare Tank/Brute.)


Well, thank you for correcting an error I made over two years ago, I guess. I do think absorb shields are cool, but I'm biased because I've been binging FF14.

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