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Let us copy and paste objectives.

Take One

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What the title says.

Many times I want to make several objectives of the same kind with slight differences. Being able to easily duplicate existing objectives would greatly improve the mission architect UI.

We can already do this by editing the mission file but it's a bit of a bother because you have to close the whole game down to do so, as far as I can tell. And of course editing a file directly comes with the added risk of destroying something important.

Check out my stories in the Mission Architect. Just search for "@Take One" or "SFMA". Here are some enticing titles:

  • Praetoria-related: Earth Revolution Red, Earth Revolution Blue
  • Mercenary Action: West Libertalia: Born And Raised, West Libertalia: Global Empire, West Libertalia: Love And Rockets
  • Soldier of Arachnos Arcs: The Tangled Weave, A Taste For Evil, Faultline By Night, Fear And Loathing On Striga, The Warburg Connection,
  • Various: Project Dragon, Evolve Or Die, The Murders in the RWZ Morgue, The Last Crystal Out Of Cimerora

These are just a few, and more to come...

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