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How do you do the "description" thing?


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Usually when you RP,you eventually use dialogue but I've seen some people use Chat in which they just describe the RPers actions like for example:

Satanz stared blankly at the person right in front of him. He then turned his head away. This particular sentence appears in the Chat box but isn't dialogue but a description. How do you do that?

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You can also do /em or /me to kick it off; anything that follows those becomes emote text following your character name.

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Most of my writing is SG-internal, but the following are SFMA that anybody should be able to play if you want new story-based content.

  • NPI: Duray, Duray | 25575: - The New Praetorians scramble to stop the Praetorian and Primal Virgil Durays from getting the band back together.
  • NPI: Brickstown Vice | 36729, 40648, 40803 - The New Praetorians aid Marauder in a drug bust that dredges up his past.  Branches into two paths.
  • NPI: Red Resistance | 43796 - The New Praetorians run afoul of vigilantes after a robbery gone wrong.  Crossover with <Hero Corps Founders Falls>.
  • NPI: Leucochloridium | 44863: - A wellness check on a Woodvale cleanup officer turns over unfinished, Praetorian business.
  • How Emperor Cole Saved Christmas | 45794 - A 100% authentic simulation of how Emperor Cole singlehandedly saved the holiday of Christmas!
  • Bassilisk | 51947 - Several Paragon City villain groups fight over the Rikti's dumbest entirely-canonical doomsday weapon.
  • A Freakshow Love Story | 54544 - Ganymede the cherub calls upon heroes to break up a toxic romance that's going to have explosive fallout!
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  • Retired Lead Game Master

Yep it's all the emote command.


;pets a cat.


In the chat window:

GM_Kal pets a cat.


In a thought bubble above my character on screen:

pets a cat.


If you specifically type an emote animation, it will do that instead.



No bubble, no chat window text, my character slaps both hands to face.


Some folks also chat with it when more information is needed, or they want to not just say a line.


;turns to Palehood and says "Good question, glad you asked that."


GM_Kal turns to Palehoood and says "Good question, glad you asked that."





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