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  1. Hey, cheers for the link! Some of those responses don't fill me with confidence - there's still a lot of weasel words that are up to subjective interpretation - but I do appreciate the clarity provided by GM Impervium's response especially, which I missed. I do wish that 'good fit' was not the terminology that the Team lead with. It gives the absolute wrong impression of what should be seen as a fairly draconian, if arguably justifiable, measure, and when not paired with any additional conventional 'background check,' it leaves me uneasy as to whether the juice is worth the voyeu
  2. I'd agree with you that there are definitely folks in this thread who Doth Protest Too Much, and others who seem to be under the mistaken impression that their First Amendment Freedom of Speech rights apply, ridiculously, to a mod vetting process for a dubiously-legitimate private City of Heroes server. However, there's an existing context that informs, at least, my unease with the practice of comprehensive chat log reviews to 'character vet' incoming mods, and that's that - despite @America's Angel's assertions that the practice is being undertaken purely for accountability reasons vis-a-vis
  3. Just wanted to call out that this really is the best feeling, even if I'm trashed in the morning. Some SG-mates and I were doing a silly 'teen heroes get used to their powers' thing in Atlas Park, and even knowing that I had a hard bedtime, I blitzed right past it, especially once 'established' adult heroes saw us RPing and involved themselves to give pointers and encouragement. Sometimes, RP just clicks, and that's a dragon I chase every time I load into CoX.
  4. To spool further off this point, I'm a roleplayer who writes exclusively in a literary style, always providing /em text about what my characters are doing between words, and to mark the intonation of their speech, because the English language is such a magnificent, sprawling toolset that it seems silly to me to deliberately leave vague that which could be easily clarified by a few lines of descriptive text. Consider the following: Now, we can sometimes glean from context what the intonation of statements like these are. In this case, let's say that HardLight has just caugh
  5. ((Cheers for the prompt, Moka! I've taken the liberty of doing it on my much-abandoned Corruptor and Praetorian dirtbag, Archenemy.))
  6. As a belated, quippy response to this, there's a reason why as soon as Jack Emmert left Cryptic Studios, they dropped a bridge on Statesman with extreme prejudice and had Posi step into his shoes. The dev team wasn't any more immune to 'who gets to be Superman' drama than we are.
  7. So I went back and forth on how much of my bias I wanted to showcase on this topic, because in a lot of cases where I've encountered 'Last Of My Kinds' it's kind of a yellow flag for me, because of that necessary separation from the established canon of the world with a concept that necessitates the character be an outsider. One of the wonderful things about City of Heroes is that it's kind of a hodgepodge, kitchen-sink setting and you don't necessarily need to be beholden to the game lore to write a compelling character. There's bandwidth there for endless varieties of space aliens, or alte
  8. I've been going back through Crusader, so I can dig into it. I suspect that you're right, that Senators are a faux-democratic elected body of do-nothings, and Magistrates are actual decisionmakers.
  9. A lot of the dialogue also really corroborates the idea that the state ideology of Praetoria was a form of ecofascism, between citizens speaking glowingly of positive environmental change, the purging and replacement of home gardens, and the government cracking down on rogue farmers because of the threat of 'Hamidon spores.' Not to mention that ominous line from the one citizen about how they'd 'spit on [the Syndicate] but it's illegal to litter,' making sure to exonerate themselves of the potential thoughtcrime of daring to litter.
  10. @huang3721love that you consolidated all of this! I tried to incorporate bits we know from the civilians into my timeline - like them knowing about First Ward - but I've never actually bothered to just go out and feverishly click on civs to get all the responses. In particular I love all of the very shallow knowledge of the Hamidon, and of the environmental effects of the nuclear war: like the civs going "my sister said she saw a Hamidon!" or "I had a nice garden, but it's even nicer now after the Decontamination" or "Clean air, clean water, you wouldn't recognize this place from 50 years ag
  11. Correct, which was why I did not say Azari is an adversarial person (because I don't have enough information for that), but I did say Azari had established an adversarial dialectic. I understand that offhandedly dismissing the most popular RP hub space as a hive of special-snowflake degenerates while complaining about how nobody will RP with your good-natured jokester can be construed as the justified hurt of someone who feels ostracized by that same space and is lashing out, but it also paints a stark portrait of what tone the player may be bringing to the RP through that character. And t
  12. Thank you! Though a Guildie actually just pointed out that I have the timing on Sutter wrong, since it assumes that Power Suppression has been disabled and Berry's counterattack neutralized. I've linked this thread in our channel, so I'm sure more little adjustments will be forthcoming.
  13. I'd echo this, and note that if your 'trickster' persona involves calling other characters a "weaboo furry emo angst club," to paraphrase, then you're establishing an adversarial dialectic to your razzing and it's no wonder that people don't want to play with you. I get by very well by focusing my 'humor' characters on being near-failures with very easy flaws for other roleplayers to latch onto and kick them for. It's an invitation to engage by poking fun at me, rather than an unsolicited razzing/hazing, the latter of which not everybody is going to be receptive to. Re
  14. Hey so Super late to this thread, but I'm the Lead of the <New Praetorians Initiative> supergroup, where we have regular internal debates about the timeline, and as best as we could reckon, you can separate Praetorian history into four phases: Pre-Cole, President Cole, Chairman Cole, and Emperor Cole. It is worth noting, however, that these periods seem to overlap in ways that frequently are not the best thought out, and indeed I don't think that the original developers ever intended Going Rogue's vision of Praetoria (or for that matter the more truncated, pre-Going-Rogue ve
  15. As someone who doesn't do faceclaims myself, I think that 'you're stealing someone's face and RPing their life' is absolutely a mischaracterization of the practice in the vast majority of cases. Faceclaiming isn't 'I'm Tom Holland and I want to be treated as Tom Holland,' it's 'In the movie version, my character would be played by this actor, and you should use their persona and mannerisms as a touchstone'. Which is something that I dare anyone who's GM'd a D&D campaign to tell me didn't at minimum come up as a topic of conversation amongst your players at least once. Do I st
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