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so im coming up on 50 on my dark/nrg/mace stalker.. help with build


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I'm proud of this I didn't copy and adapt someone else's. and turned out decent. but happy for input.



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Nice build, though there are a few unconventional choices.  In the end, if it works for you, it's great, and you've accomplished the majority of things you want in an endgame survivable build.  I would suggest getting buildup much earlier, since it's key to stalker damage with the ATO proc and will be invaluable while exemping down.  I'd put the hide ATO set in Assassin's Strike, since anywhere else it can make your AS fire slow and interrupt your attack chain.  I prefer Shadow Maul to Touch of Fear, but that's just personal preference.


You might look for some space for more key IOs in your build, like Kismet +acc, the Panacea hp/end proc and the two damage resist DEF procs.  You could get one by replacing the Synapse's Shock set with Reactive Defenses.  You don't need more endurance, but you could use some more DEF, and that gives you the scaling RES IO too.  Also, you have two too many LotG 7.5% rchg, so getting rid of that one won't hurt you any.  Check out Window>Sets & Bonuses in MIDs to see where you've gone over with set bonuses.


To get pickier (take all with a grain of salt and do what you like, the build is good already), I think you could do better than the Crushing Impact.  Even with Reactive Defenses and Energy Drain fully saturated, you're still a few points off incarnate content def soft cap, which may or may not be important to you.  The HP increase bonus is also conflicting with your Aegis set, so is inactive in two of those.  Have a look and see if you can lose 15% recharge for more survivability.  Kinetic Combat and Superior Blistering Cold might be a good start, and your NE def could use some bumping too.


Have fun!


*edit* you can free up some slots by losing Shadow Punch (won't need it for your attack chain with this much recharge), and you can lose one slot in Hasten if you +5 the other two.

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4 hours ago, Deuce Spade said:

you can lose one slot in Hasten if you +5 the other two.

This is a Standard tactic when leveling.  I always 3 slot hasten with recharge when I get it and respec and dump a slot for 2 +5 recharge IOs.


Do you mind copy and pasting the build details?  I don’t have Mids but am fairly proficient at creating non conventional builds that are exceedingly successful.


Is this primarily a solo or team build?

Server:  Everlasting


Notable Toons:  Nux Aukairo (Savage Melee/Dark Armor Brute), Boanerges Aukairo (Electric Melee/Shield Defense Brute) Lux Aukairo (Beam Rifle/Radiation Emission Corruptor), EVENT HORlZON (Fire/Gravity Dominator), CharcoaI (Savage Melee/Fiery Aura Brute), lsotope (Radiation Melee/Dark Armor Brute), CLERlC (Dual Pistols/Time Corruptor), RoidRage (Invulnerability/Super Strength Tank), BasiIisk (Psi/Dark Stalker), Meissner Effect (Electric/Energy Tanker), Burn Card (Dual Pistols/Fiery Aura Sentinel), Nux (Dark Melee/Dark Armor Scrapper), Mecha Nux (Radiation Armor/Energy Melee Tanker), AE0NAUT (Beam Rifle/Temporal Manipulation Blaster)

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