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I <3 Debuffs: Poison/Rad, or How I Stopped Healing and Learned to Love the -DEF


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So I rolled a Poison/Rad. I hate healing, I hate having to target allies, and now I'm in love with this combo after being able to hold my own going off by myself through most of a full-team Citadel (granted, it's +0 but I'm a *defender*).


My main issue, though, is I have no idea how to slot it. At all. What am I building toward? Positional DEF? S/L Res? Regen somehow? I feel like I have both too many and way too few slots to use effectively.


My first Defender 50 is Kin/Elec, and both of my new one's sets are ones I don't have experience with. How are the Poison powers usually slotted, focusing on -tohit or -def?


As a Defender, should I be focusing more on slotting the -DEF/-Res procs in the attacks, rather than damage procs?


Obviously the build isn't even complete yet, but I'll throw it up here in hopes y'all can provide some direction. I don't necessarily want a cookie cutter or to copy anyone's build, merely some bullet points about what holes I need to/can shore up to provide great utility while still enjoying the pew-pew.


Y'all keep on keepin' on, hope to get some wisdom!

Venym - Defender (Poison).mxd

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So i have put this together as i would build it myself.


You have capped S/L res at 75%

No defence to speak of as its pretty pointless.


You recharge is at 135.5 secs but with the Force Feedback: Chance for +recharge proc in Electron haze that will boost it considerably.


I have put in as many dmg procs as possible to maximise your dps.


So even in powers like Envenom and Weaken which are your bread & butter they still have the chance of outputting some dps.


Paralytic Poison is a decent hold for the set and again can use procs for dps. 


Poison trap is a must have power with this set as its dps potential is huge and its on a very short recharge time.


i dropped assault as its kind of blegh and took tactics instead as the overall ACC is pretty low, it is also slotted with Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control: Chance for Build Up. This will trigger so many times and up your dps quite nicely.


Consume isnt its best version from the Flame Mastery set as its still at 111 sec rech and only offers +end and no +recovery like its other iterations. But char is great single target hold that again hits like a truck when loaded with procs correctly.


Hope this helps.


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |

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I main a poison/fire defender for almost over a year so far. I've build for high DEF and RES to most on my guy at first. Thinking that was the way to go since that's what everyone's doing or saying you need to build for. I did that. It was fun. But I wanted to do mooore dmg on endgame content >.<! So I gather my resources we have on CoH: Homecoming and tried to go as proc heavy as I could without sacrificing to much. This play style is not lazy it does take a lot of focus and alertness when you are jumping mob to mob. Also its a little expensive to maintain. The feeling of what you can do out weights the price tag. 

My own personal tips I have for you that i've experienced playing a poison pretty much straight over the last year with very little alting. 

My tips to make you a god imo.

1. Get Defense Amplifier from p2w vendor. I always buy 8 hours at a time. (OMG its amazing. Its just enough mez  protection to get you through trash mobs and you get a 5% def and 7% res buff to all. This helps me keep my offensive toggles up 85% of the time.

2. Run Ageless Core Epiphany on cool down for the maximum end recovery uptime and the extra recharge. (This is were Defense Amplifier  comes in handy! You don't have to run clarion this way).

3. I also buy 8 hours of Offense Amplifier and Survival Amplifier for overall improvement of my characters stats. I look at these temp powers of me having to repair my armor. Most mmos I've played I had some kind of repair bill. I just feel more involved and also gives me something to work for after I finish all my IO sets instead of just making a new toon. 

4. Build for 7% Def to all. Reasoning: Defense Amplifier  gives you 5% def to all and that will boost you to 12% Def to all. 

 -This  part is the bread and butter to my poison build.
-INSPRIATIONS! Phenomenal lucks give you 33% def to all and last for 60 seconds. This will boost you to 45% to all. I always carry a full tray of these bad boys. I use them on cool down if im moving really fast through mobs.
-/AH is amazing. I'm using it to just buy and store thousands of my Phenomenal lucks. I buy in bulk. Maybe a few hundred at a time. You can /AH in a tf in between missions really fast. Its so easy to use to keep your belly nice and full. And this allows me to slot for pure proc dmg and gives me more of diversity to my building. 
-I played a lot of Elder Scrolls online and I got used to playing with potions on cooldown that last for 60 seconds as well that would boost my dmg overall. This is how I look at my inspirations.

Thiis pretty much sums it up. ENJOY YOUR POISON how ever you decide to play it! I love mine sooo much. They are a blast! 


I would do something like this. For a pure dmg build / very little team support. 

PS:  This method isn't good if you are looking to do HC: No Inspirations content. Just make a Time Defender with power boost farsight. That's the cheep way to build for procs and and 45% def or just run with a Time defender for hard content to buff you

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