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Expanded athletic emotes


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We really need an "Emote wishlist" sticky, I think.


So my character's sitting in the SG base, a little early, waiting for others to arrive. We've got a gym area, punching bags and all. I go up to a punching bag and ... my options are /em kata or the karate dance.  If I go over to the treadmill, I can ... walk into the end of it and sometimes jitter.  The rest is just ... kind of there.


While some things would take more work, there are some animations that could be recycled and come in handy as emotes.

- Weave's activation has you - well, ducking and weaving. Could we get that as an emote?


- We obviously have any number of punching and kicking animations. Everything from a simple brawl and jab to shadow maul. Could we string some of these into emotes? Some as just one offs (or one-two-three-done,) maybe some that would go into a nice cycle.


- Same with weapons. I've got a staff, or sword, or club. Why can't I swing it, or flip it, or just practice? The animations are in the attacks, could we actually turn them into emotes? We can obviously give people the proper items in emotes - we generate cell phones and the like, after all.


- Maybe more difficult, but can we get a walk/jog in place?

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