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Calling all Beast/Kinetics Experts...


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Hey all,


I've found myself at a bit of a crossroads recently where I am unsure of what direction makes the most sense so any advice you may have would be much appreciated. I have a LVL 50 Beast/Kin MM but I am unsure of whether I should be switching my build to something less Tankermind and more Sit Back and watch the Beasts reign havoc sort of build. 


My goal in my Beast/Kinetics build is to be able to send my beasts in while buffing the crap out of them as they go to town however due to a lack of CC on my first build I am not sure if I need to rethink the build or stick with the original idea but tweak it in other ways. 


Build 1 has the following stats




This build is using your classic Scorpion Shield setup along with a not very enhanced Web Envelope but has Provoke for Tankerminding.


Build 2...switches this up and has the following Stats.




While Statwise it seems like a bit of a step down this build gives me Bonfire for what I feel will be a much needed CC.


So my question is, does it make sense to pursue Heat Mastery over Mace Mastery if I wanted more CC to achieve more efficient DPS as the dogs run wild? Is there something I am not considering, any veterans opinions here would be most appreciated as I have noticed at the end of the day...I feel a bit more squishy and chaotic at times than I would like. 





Mastermind - Beast Mastery - Kinetics 3.0.mxd Mastermind - Beast Mastery - Kinetics 4.0.mxd

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Just an update here...may help with the chaos I have been experiencing. 


Removed Provoke to keep it a more ranged strategy with the intention of keeping the pets in aggressive mode. Enhanced up Web Envelope for longer immobilize duration, added Power Boost as I had not considered the synergy with it and Fortify Pack. Added to the heal as I think with the new strategy, healing needs to be more prioritized. All these changes added a bit to my ranged defense getting it to 40% which is pretty good I think. 




I think the rotation will end up being, assign pet damage, fulcrum shift, transfusion, transference, call ravens....repeat.


Hopefully this works!

Mastermind - Beast Mastery - Kinetics 5.0.mxd

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