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One other Mastermind customization


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Yes, I'd love to color and customize my henchmen, repaint my robots, use clones of myself, but there's one other thing I don't think I've seen mentioned as a customization request:


"When I finish here, I'm coming for you!"


Yeah. The command responses. For instance, the one above is from the Necromancy set Lich. Which fits, thematically, if you're a villain forcing it into service. But not everyone's character is the same - if I'm running around with willing assistants, or "actually robots made to look this way" or what have you, the response doesn't really fit.  Same with robots - maybe you want them saying something else. Or beeping. Or not saying anything at all.


(Note this is looking mostly at response text. I have no idea if you can shut demons up without making them emote - I suspect that's under sound customization.)


I have no idea if this would be easy (since you *can* make them say other things with /petsay) or a real pain, but it'd be nice.

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