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I am loving this power, but have noticed, by adding one KB enhancer, you push the mob out of range of circled snipe, which is kind of silly.

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I don't know what the motivation was for changing the range of Fast Snipes (PVP?) but it definitely hurt my non-Blapper playstyle.


Full disclosure, it also hurt my Stalker/Scrapper playstyle, as my melee characters with Patron snipes can't target those stubborn/cowardly enemies that won't come to me!

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I've thought of doing something crazy like that just for the hell of it.  Beyond that, hey, if you can't reach them, they can't reach you either.


Clave's Sure-Fire Secrets to Enjoying City Of Heroes
Don't bother with those farming chores...
Skip your homework on the Market...
Play any power sets that you want...
Because this game is easy.  Go have fun!

You'll be perfectly fine, promise! 

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