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Entering and exiting portals.


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I have been trying to rotate my base portal to change the direction characters face upon entering my base.  Not having much luck.

Then I noticed that every time I exit ANY portal I am always facing south.

 If this is a 'code thing' and it can not be changed It will be a real pain to rotate the entrance room - for design reasons.


Question would then be: can the entire plot grid be rotated to have different N,S,E,W alignment?


Apologies if this question has been asked before, A search is giving me nada.




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You actually end up facing whatever direction you were in when entering a user made portal.  The facing for the object itself or the beacon doesn't make any difference. If a portal is facing south, and you turn to the north before you pick the destination, you will come out facing north.  That does mean it makes it easier if you make the facing for the entry portal to match what you want when exiting - if that's possible. 


That isn't true for the main base entry portal though.  That one will always leave you facing south no matter what. 

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