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  1. That might be true. I know missions with multiple clicks had been changed prior to shut down but I can't swear that the ToT was.
  2. Yes, Homecoming dropped the eight-person requirement while the multiple-people-to-click-the-glowie requirement was, I believe, dropped back during Live. If you have good stealth it can soloed in as few as ten minutes, which I did several times when it was last the WSF target.
  3. That is indeed a problem. I solved it—for most of my friends—by reminding them they can save their chat settings to default. That way the private channel gets added to each new character's tabs automatically.
  4. This. Though personally I always found it easier to make a private chat channel and invite all my friends to join it.
  5. That looks amazing, ShardWarrior!
  6. D'oh! I should have picked that up from the context. Oh well. On my spreadsheet it's listed under Exploration - Multiple Zones, immediately below River Rat.
  7. Rail Rider requires your to visit all three tram stations in Praetoria. It works much like River Rat does but with fewer locations to hit.
  8. Did you save you costume files? Like GM Capocollo said, Rocket Boots and other such recipes are now unlocked for everyone. If you load your old costume they should be there, they were for me.
  9. Because of the way the market fluctuates, I suspect a definitive conversion table would be impossible. For example, I've been playing with the market for just over a month and in that time the Celerity: Stealth IO has dropped its average sale price from 2.5 million inf to 1.5 million inf. Sale prices also vary by day of the week, with weekends bringing higher prices than weekdays.
  10. I made back about half of what I spent by selling catalysts, unslotters, and rare salvage (from brainstorms). If I'd actually sold the ATOs I figure I'd have made around 160-170 million altogether. So no, the ROI isn't as good as you'd get with craft & convert. To me, it seems more like a high-roller's version of swapping merits for converters. And, as Yomo Kimyata points out above, it does scale really well.
  11. The comic was great, I hope the show measures up.
  12. I think it might be worth trying in an edge case where you have a small set (three, or at most four, pieces) and one of the pieces is vastly more profitable, much like in the example you gave. Steadfast Protection: Endurance/Resistance, for example, is probably worth an in-set conversion.
  13. Back on live the Signature Story Arcs were paid content. My understanding is the Devs didn't want to gate any badges behind a paywall so those arcs don't have badges.
  14. So I decided to give this a try last week. I bought 10 H&V superpacks and got 13 ATOs out of the deal. Sadly, I have a horrible case of altitus and the ATOs I rolled wound up going to them rather than being sold. So I personally didn't make money this way. :P But it's definitely possible to make money if you open enough packs that the law of averages works in your favor.
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