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  1. I logged on to the stress test this afternoon and here's my after action report: Over the course of an hour, I experienced three crash to desktops, one crash to log in, and one freeze that required me to shut down the program with task manager. This was, to put it mildly, significantly worse than the performance I normally have on live. I also never saw any sign of the new bug report feature.
  2. That's a wonderful staircase, Flashtoo.
  3. Ever since the 64-bit overhaul, when I use the 32-bit client the game will inevitably crash to desktop after an hour to an hour-and-a-half of play. Sometimes the crash happens sooner, but usually I'm safe for at least an hour. With both Safe Mode and the original client (which I gather are the same thing) I experience a crash or freeze maybe once a month—twice at the most. There doesn't seem to be any obvious pattern to these crashes. It seems to happen during zoning fairly often but it also happens while I'm flying along over the city. And I can jump in a Hami or Mothership raid without issue if things wrap up in under an hour. I'd also add that when the new 32-bit client was introduced it was much less stable: I'd crash after fifteen to thirty minutes. Over the course of the first month performance improved until it reached the current state but since then it seems to have stalled.
  4. Not directly, but you can place doorways side-by-side leading into an adjacent room which will make it look bigger.
  5. </sarc>Yeah that makes sense. I mean we all recall last year when there was a huge spate of people altering /19 dates into things like 1999, right?</sarc>
  6. My issue isn't that I can't run the new 32-bit client, its that the new 32-bit client is unstable and frequently crashes. Which is to say, I'm a guaranteed to crash once a night if I play for more than an hour. By contrast the old version of CoH (and current Safe Mode) crashed less than once a month. Given that it's only been four months since the 64-bit update—a short window even for a professional development studio—yanking Safe Mode seems remarkably premature.
  7. Have you tried using your Origin Power (Apprentice Charm, throwing Knives, etc)?
  8. I found a bug in the chat channels the other day. I usually run as a vigilante to maintain easy access to both red and blue sides. I also have a chat tab set up to display event notices from all three sides (Hero, Villain, Praetorian). A couple of days ago when I swapped to rogue alignment to work on my red-side badges, I noticed that the hero events channel had vanished from my tab. I re-added it an went about my business. Then yesterday, when I switched back to vigilante, I noticed that this time the villain events channel had vanished from my tab. I tested this out by swapping sides a couple of more times and each time I swapped sides the side I left's event notifications were pulled from my chat tab.
  9. So a little from column A and a little from column B then. Thanks Arcanaville.
  10. That brings to mind a question: why did the scrapper forums in particular draw this kind of scrutiny? Was it just random chance or was there something about scrappers in particular that drew in the players most prone to being analytical?
  11. Ah, yes I found it: " Gift Giver: give the duplicating gift to another player if they don't already have it." That info is wrong. The badge for giving the duplicating gift to another player is Gift Which Keeps Giving, which you said you already have. I would guess Voltor was typing their list up from memory and simply made a mistake about the name. Since you said this is your first badger, let me recommend that you make use of either the badge tracker or badge checklist made by KeyboardKitsune. Having a list of badges that you can chaeck of as you earn them is quite helpful.
  12. If I'm parsing MetaVileTerror's post correctly, they did a .pigg dive and didn't find any badge by that name. I'd say that's definitive evidence that no such badge exists. Do you recall where you heard about it?
  13. I'm pretty sure it's just Crey and Nemesis, yeah. And I rarely encounter Crey snipers on indoor maps. Those Nemesis $#@*&s on the other hand...
  14. If I considered Paragon Wiki an absolute source, why would I have also cited Badger? Or used the qualifier "probably"? The answer, of course, is that I don't consider Paragon Wiki infallible. Nevertheless, infallible or not, Paragon Wiki remains a very accurate picture of the state of the game a shutdown. So, unless you have a specific, articulable reason to doubt the information you find there, that information should be treated as presumptuously correct. Particularly, as in this case, when it's verified by a second source. Since your "clarification" failed to cite any reason to doubt the Wiki's information it's really nothing more than a restatement of the basic truism that nothing is 100% accurate. Which, as I said, is always worth keeping in mind but, at the same time, shouting it whenever someone cites an authority just clutters the discussion with needless qualifiers—it obfuscates instead of illuminating. Which is why I labelled it unhelpful. If you regard that as trash talk, so be it.
  15. Paragon Wiki isn't entirely unreliable either. Personally, I'd judge it to be upwards of 90% accurate. So while it's good to remember there have been changes, unless you know specifically that something was changed, mentioning this isn't particularly helpful.
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