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  1. For me, it's Masterminds. The archetype is well designed and does exactly what you'd expect based on it's name but I just can't get into the playstyle. No MM I've built has made it out of the twenties.
  2. Equally unsurprised—disappointed, but not surprised—to see the the usual tired rationalizations being trotted out to celebrate the suppression of other's speech.
  3. Or, just to offer a crazy suggestion, grown ups on the internet could act like grown ups and not get hysterical over every little thing that rubs them the wrong way and then demand that the GM's "protect" them.
  4. The best place I've found to hunt for monkeys is on the islands north of Peregrine Island. There's an abandoned lab complex that's overrun by them.
  5. Punching Nazis just never gets old.
  6. Are you in RWZ or in Echo: Rikti Crash Site? Homecoming moved Ace to the later.
  7. Good point. I'd assumed the OP was asking about the goldside titles generally.
  8. Sadly, you cannot. Only characters who start goldside can get them.
  9. You can't say I never took you anywhere.
  10. Of course you do! And, if some of those opinions just happen to be about BADGES, why not take a minute to post them here: Weekly Discussion 43: Badges/Badge Hunting.
  11. Also worth mentioning, the P2W vendor in the Galaxy tutorial isn't located at the starting area. They are located at the end, right before you go in to fight the final boss.
  12. And, if you then go down to the bottom of the options window, you can save those settings as the default and they will be applied automatically to all new characters.
  13. There is indeed a cap on the number of side missions. It varies according to the level range of the bank mission (from two missions for AP to five missions for PI).
  14. The new policy had a start date of March 8th. Videos posted prior to that date are not in violation of the policy.
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