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  1. I've picked up a little progress on this one by using the Health Imbuement team inspirations. It's not much compared to what Rebirth gives, but you can do it before hitting 50.
  2. This is question would probably be better asked in the Help & Support forum.
  3. Why? As you just pointed out the biggest copyright threat to the game isn't Marvel, DC, or Disney—it's NCSoft. If Marvel gets their panties in a bunch over all of the Wolverine clones they send a DCMA complaint to Homecoming and, in accordance with copyright law, Homecoming zaps the offending character. As long as they do so promptly Marvel et al have no legal claim against them. NCSoft does. Every single NPC in the game, all the powers, the maps, etc. all of that is NCSoft's intellectual property. And they could, at any moment, waltz in and shut the whole thing down. Anyone who spends their time fretting about Marvel, DC, and the rest is basically rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
  4. Not a great idea. Because far too many people believe that Marvel owns names like Wolverine and Black Widow—which they absolutely do not. Yes, Marvel owns the copyright on Wolverine: the cigar-smoking mutant with pointy claws. But they do not own the copyright on Wolverine: the Canadian flag-wearing dude with a magic hockey stick. A human being can glance at those two and immediately see there's no copyright infringement. A computer database can't.
  5. That's way cool, although personally I'm more excited to hear they're collecting data on the crash issue. 🙂
  6. You should also look into the SG base teleporters which are available, the one for PI drops you right in Portal Court. If you don't have a base of your own plenty of folks have made the passcodes to their bases available for others to use: Basecode Passes
  7. Witty, did you have a particular day and time in mind for this? I want to make sure my schedule is open, if possible.
  8. I assume they are referring to the Wedding Band which you get from Stephanie Peebles.
  9. Just to be clear, it's Titan Network, not Homecoming, that decided that ParagonWiki would remain (for the time being) a record of the game as it was at shutdown. They are also on record that anyone who wants to fork the wiki and make a version specific to their server is welcome to do so.
  10. I just want to say I applaud the "page" concept. It nicely encapsulates the feel of "issues" while at the same time highlighting the inherent limitations of an all-volunteer effort.
  11. Did that just a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking I'd bid low and let them sit for the next day, so was going to bid 81,234. I wound up bidding 812,345. By the time I'd figured out why all of my bids had filled so quick it was all over. C'est la vie.
  12. For anyone who's into base building—or thinking about starting—I highly recommend Dacy's video series.
  13. Oooooh, neat idea! I may have to try that on my Earth/Storm troller.
  14. I too have been having crash to desktop issues ever since the 8/22 patch. For a while playing in in Safe Mode fixed that, but in the past couple of days I've crashed twice even from there.
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