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  1. The answer is simple. The worthiness test is a curse placed on Mjølnir by Odin after Thor disobeyed him. Clearly that never happened in this timeline.
  2. Yes, its a code thing. Characters will always exit portals facing southwards.
  3. I'm assuming that, like me, you're a fan of the original comics. If so, then no there's never been a movie or TV show that recaptured that experience. The animated show was more popular and everything afterwards has aped it.
  4. Fog of war is part of the character data that's saved locally on your PC. If you play on a different computer, install your game on a new hard drive, etc. it will reset to all black. You can transfer your old maps by going into Homecoming > Accounts > [User Name] > Maps and copying the Maps folder.
  5. "Fair", in terms of running a costume contest, means that everyone who shows up gets an equal chance to impress the judge(s). It doesn't mean the judge will necessarily get to appreciate your costume the same way you do. If you have cel shading turned off and the contest judge has cel shading turned on (or vice versa) then, yes, you'll both be seeing different images. But the same is true if you each have different gamma settings, brightness, or red levels. Heck, just using different monitors alters the image you see. And, if you both could somehow use the same monitor, people's vision varies
  6. No, the admittedly paraphrased rule on the Wiki says it's prohibited. And even there Castle is quoted as saying it can be overturned. I had the good fortune of actually seeing Castle define the Cottage Rule once back on live and the way I described it is taken from that description. The Cottage Rule is a strong guideline, very strong, but it was never absolute.
  7. A correction: the Cottage Rule never outright prohibited making such changes. It stated that they should be a last resort—used only when absolutely necessary. That still puts the onus on those who demand a change to demonstrate that it's truly needed. But, if they do so, they can't be dismissed by shouting "Cottage Rule!"
  8. That's a pretty good summation of my issues with the show. It was fun and had some nice character work for both Sam and Bucky but they really botched the big picture stuff. The different ways the show treated Zemo and Karli highlight that pretty well. Zemo's charming and has a clear, even somewhat sympathetic, motivation but the show still treats him like a villain. Sam and Bucky clearly don't like him and his murders are treated like murders. When he's hauled off to the Raft that's portrayed as a good thing. Meanwhile, Kalri's motives are murky. She's mad at the GRC for some things they've
  9. I thought the subway scene took a few too many liberties with the laws of physics but, overall, I quite enjoyed this season. It might help that I never read the comics (which debuted four years before The Boys) but the comments I've read from those who did suggest this is a good adaptation.
  10. This is Ulysses: And this is his theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dWetVZyuG0 What's yours?
  11. John Spade: They're my theme music, every hero's got to have some.
  12. Just finished s4e7 and its hands down the best episode of Black Lightning this season. I really hope this backdoor pilot gets picked up and made into a regular series.
  13. What boggles my mind, aside from the general stupidity of death threats themselves, is that the MCU version of John Walker is much less of a d-bag than his comic book counterpart. And the circumstances by which he picked up the shield are much less controversial. Nevermind that the show is called "Falcon and Winter Soldier", we know darn well who's eventually going to wind up with the shield. This is about the journey where Sam proves to himself, and everyone else, that he deserves it.
  14. Glass. When you care enough to send your most expendable.
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