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TF missions that complete upon exit


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Get rid of them. It puts the team leader in a tough spot if someone goes afk or freezes in short TF.   No one wants to choose between pissing off their friend or 6 PUG members that could become friends.Just waiting a few minutes and giving 5 minute warnings and stuff has caused several TFs to fall apart for me lately.


Another option would be the ability to force completion somehow, but it would probably easier, coding wise, to just make the contact available when the mission completes and not wait for all to exit.  There are only a handful of TFs that have this problem.

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9 hours ago, SeraphimKensai said:

Tf missions should auto advance to the next mission the moment the first person exits the previous mission upon mission completion.

Maybe they should..but CAN they? Someone always exits right away, and others stay, to kill mobs or because they click slower. While someone is still on the mission map, the map still exists, and the mission will read as Mission Completed. But it still cant auto advance until everyone exits.

It would make more sense to auto remove everyone from said complete mission, as soon as the team leader calls the contact.

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