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Power Animation Options on Khelds? Maybe?


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That's ... fairly vague.


Standard disclaimer: Small, volunteer group doing this on their own time and their own dime, as it were. What tools they have they make up as they go along, that sort of thing.


Now, that said, did you have anything specific in mind?

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Fair enough on the vague bit. And totally know its a small team. I can't really work with code outside of what I've managed to learn at home messing around with Witcher 3 modding. Not A Professional Computer Guy 😛 , but I can add my dimes to the pile now that I read up on how donations work here.


Anywhoos, you know how powers in, say Super Strength have alternate animations? That, but for Kheld powersets.


Side question: How WOULD someone get a hold of the files they needed to pick apart to mess about with animations anyways? Not gonna even pretend I could whip something up but I am curious enough to want to poke at stuff a little to see how it works.

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Side question
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