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DE Spawns a little weird


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I'm currently solo-ing missions running at 0/6, and every once in awhile I run into groups where there was 3 bosses, and 1 LT in the group. No other groups seem to spawn like that, and while I don't mind the experience from clearing the group, its definitely surprising.


Should DE be spawning groups like that?

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I think, similar to Circle of Thorns, DE have different spawn values that have them spawn in larger groups, or in groups with tougher foes, a little more often.  It's more noticible at lower group sizes since it usually results in at least one LT per spawn (which works well for DE since that usually means at least one beacon pet per spawn), and at the top end you can potentially see 4 Greater Devoureds in one spawn as well.


In short, likely not a bug but more likely intentional in regards to their "spawn weighting"

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Also Freakshow Spawn are different too, not only u get 4 instead of the normal 3Minions sometimes, cause of the rez-ing it feels as if u fight 2 groups.


Just recalled Tsoo Minion does the 4 Minion Spawn too, but at least they dont rez.


And then theres the Kheldian Spawns which add another Quantum Minion on top, so the spawn mechanic is dynamic indeed 😉.

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