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What is the fewest number of badges you've seen on a level 50 character?


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This, from another thread, got me thinking:

11 hours ago, MoonSheep said:

i also enjoy silently judging people who have a lvl 50 with almost no badges

What is the fewest number of badges a character could have at level 50?  It's no lower than 5, obviously, since you get those just for leveling.  I suppose you can avoid other badges, like those for milestones of doing or taking damage, by exclusively leveling up in AE.  But you'd still have to get there while avoiding any exploration badges on the way. 


Without using AE, though, getting to level 50 with the fewest badges would be a challenge.  Avoid exploration badges (no Long Range Teleporter!).  Don't do the Task Force Commander task forces.  Skip any other mission that awards a badge.  Don't kill too many of any enemy faction. Trying to avoid all these incidental (or accidental) badges could be even tougher than getting them all.



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So - here's a screenshot: 

If you leveled up outside of AE with a non-defeat badge faction - like the CoT Behemoths, then you could conceivable hit 50 with 9 badges. 

Each badge for hitting level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. 
Each of the three gladiators: Nebula Elite Buckshot, (for reaching level 10) Button Man Gunner, (for reaching level 20) Fire Thorn Caster, (for reaching level 30)

I don't see a path to get less than 9. 

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