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DECIMATION :chance to build up

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SO i am very bad at math,..i currently have this proc. slotted in the epic pool power char, which has a 32 sec recharge.

My question is too fold,..

1 what's the proc. chance at 0% recharge vs. 50%


2 with the long recharge vs. 50% is there a best slotting to use this proc.  or is another dam. proc just the better way to go.


thx for all inputs.

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That proc is only 1PPM, so a 32s clicky with a 1.32s arcanatime activation is never going to get a capped activation chance.
The highest you can get (0% recharge slotting) is 55.53% activation chance.
At 50% recharge slotting it becomes a 37.76% activation chance. 
At 100% recharge slotting it's a 28.87% activation chance.

Using the build up proc in there is fine, but its performance will greatly depend on what other powers you're able to activate within its remaining effect time: 5.25-1.32 = 3.93 seconds plus a maximum of another 0.5 seconds (due to the  additional "Animation Time Before Effect" that's present on the set bonus) so ballpark of "4 and a bit seconds in which to squeeze in as many other attacks as possible".

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Definitely what he said. Char is a good place, probably your highest proc chance, just make sure your "rotation" afterwards has abilities that will take advantage of the boost, ie. not a low damage power padded up with procs. Especially considering Char has a pretty high base recharge and won't be used in every rotation cycle.

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