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Epic for Earth Control


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Sadly, I’ve never gotten Ice to look like stone. Leviathan works pretty well concept-wise, and Water Spout is pretty spectacular (I use it on my Earth/Sonic controller). That said, Ice is so mechanically strong that it would be worth it to find a way to get the concept to match the primary. 

The Splintered Soul Project: (Nyght****) 21 and counting (18 max). 


DSorrow: “Give a man a build export and you feed him for a day, teach him to build and he's fed for a lifetime.

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15 hours ago, BrandX said:

For now, decided on Leviathan and see how it looks colored to look like sand 🙂


I had thought of Fire as maybe something lava ish.

I posted my video of my earth/rad dominator. 

Water Spout fits concept with earth and the color options are exactly what I was looking for. 

So good choice, at least you can't go wrong.  
Water spout, like earth, also debuffs  the defenses and provides control as well , and very good dmg. 

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Leviathan is a great choice.


Psi is also really good for a more defensive build and has a tornado-like power that can reasonably be made to look like sand, although the sound effects may be off putting.


Ice, Psi, and Leviathan are my three favorite Dom epics. 

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