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Frequent crashes in my base


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That's been a few weeks now i started having lag issues in my base with certain view angles, and it's very likely to trigger a crash.
When it happens, game completely freeze and will stay like that until it is closed by force. So no bug report for you...


Check it out: ADJ-792 on Torch.
In the entrance room it is fine unless you're on a line around [20.1 48.0 553.2] - [118.8 48.0 502.9] with camera PYR 0, -1.13, 0

(Use /showfps 2 to display camera POS/PYR)

FPS drop from 70-80 to about 17.


Not really sure what triggers it... It sure is a complex base for sure (~9k items in a few rooms) but not the most insane i've made.
I've went up to almost 20k in a single room and i didn't notice the issue there.


Any ideas welcome.

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Partially fixed, lowest now is 25-30 fps and most important, not at risk of crashing.

I made some adjustements to some things that are located -very- far away from the entrance room and definitely not in sight, sometimes with up to 3 cemetery walls in between.

- Invited some spearfishermen to get rid of the tuna "infestation" in the aquarium. Fun AND profit. My kind of business.

- Roworked lighting: up to 6 Rularuu balls in some places was maybe a little too much "balls of steel !!" feeling. Most are now one stack, sometimes two. Lowered balls density as well.

- Injected melted impervium into this dreadful corner. No one shall pass. No weird creatures, none of Saroumane's foes, not even hydrogen molecules. N'Garai demons maybe...

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15 minutes ago, Zed said:

- Injected melted impervium into this dreadful corner.








Kidding aside, I'm glad you've sorted the issue. While we've made plenty of stability updates, this IS still a nearly 20 year old engine, so generally speaking, you should always aim to do more with less!


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