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On the Shoulders of Giants


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I've gotten a lot of positive feedback and kudos on the Witch's House, the Halloween event base.


I just wanted to cast the spotlight on other great builders, because without their genius, I could not have done what I did! We all share information in base building, and the sheer genius and creativity of this group as a whole is astounding. I really think we are better because we are together and share!


I did not invent the slide I used frequently in my base. First, @Cloudless Night aka Claire came up with the Q rail, which was what I modified to do the funnel from last year,  that is now the slope into the whirlpool. So clever to have figured out that you could slide on the alphabet hit box! Then the slide was further developed by @CrazyCat aka Gizmouse, who found an item that actually propelled a character in a certain direction. Another player (who is now gone from this server) found another piece that did the same thing, the heart in a jar, which has the added property of being something that disappears behind water! So all of my slides were things other players discovered, and I just put it all together.


There are other players, too, who've contributed, both directly and indirectly. @Linea showed me long ago how to get rid of flicker, and a few other details I hadn't heard before. @Easter Bunny has crazy creative ideas and suggestions that have helped me improve and rethink certain sections.


All you awesome base builders out there, I see your work, and so often, we inspire each other! Thanks for coming to visit, and I appreciate the feedback! Thanks for all the awesome things you build, your creative ideas, your inventive tricks, we all make each other better!


-Dacy ❤️

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