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Hybrid Power [Melee Radial Embodiment] defense bug.


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The Incarnate power [Melee Radial Embodiment], which goes in the hybrid slot, is supposed to increase defense while active by granting a stacking defense buff for each enemy within melee range of the player up to 9 enemies. After testing the power in multiple situations while watching defense in the combat attributes window, I saw that defense is actually dropping by a substantial amount. While [Melee Radial Embodiment] was inactive, my defense averaged around 33%, then I would activate [Melee Radial Embodiment] and approach an enemy. The moment I was within melee range, my defense would drop from 33% to about 18%, even if the enemy hadn't attacked me. Only after the drop in defense did it calculate the defense stack from the enemies around me. At the maximum number of defense stacks (9) it just about broke even and I was at the same level of defense as before activating the power. I tested this both in mission maps and outside. I also logged out and back in again but the problem persisted. I hope that this won't be a major issue. Thank you for the support.

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17 hours ago, csr said:

The power includes a Taunt component that will break stealth and stealth related Defense.  If you have a power with a large Defense bonus of that type it would explain the behavior.

That or Evasive Maneuvers, which has a large value that drops off somewhere in this ballpark

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