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Candy canes


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Just as a fun fact or two, I figured I'd share this. 

It's a couple of weeks before the winter event, assuming it actually will begin on the first Tuesday of December. There are a number of silly players who endeavor to get all the badges on 1 or more characters. As I'm one of them, I'm quite comfortable labeling people with a badge count of 1551 as silly. And folks, who are also a bit similar to me that have more than one character with all the badges - well, these folks are just plain insane. 

I don't know the reason why, but it came up in a discord I am in about the price of candy canes. Someone said 5M. Last I had checked it was 5k, lol. Turns out, this morning, the price was 50k. Seems a bit high to me, but there are less than 2000 of them. 1591 as of this morning. 

If you have a surplus of them, given that winter is coming in a couple weeks, I won't dare suggest you'd get 5M for 1 of them, but I do think 50k is quite feasible given the short supply at the moment. 

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I’m not going to claim you can make bank doing this, but I’ve been buying them a few hundred at a time under 20k and selling them around 100k.  I only check in on that alt every few weeks, so no idea if that is worthy of a daily pursuit or not.  I’ll reassess if there is a winter event.  

Frosty Aegis and Winter Ward are actually pretty good temp powers that I will use on extreme challenge alts.

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