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Ghostbusters Afterlife

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Fanservice done right.


I was a wee child when the original Ghostbusters movies were out.  They weren't exactly kids movies, but that didn't stop me from being absolutely thrilled with them!

When I saw the ads for Ghostbusters Afterlife, I was very wary.  I thought "nah, this is just going to be a cash grab.  It's going to be hollow and vapid and shit."  And then I saw Paul Rudd was in it, and I thought "ok, hold on.  Maybe I'll give it a chance."

This movie feels like it was carefully designed to hit all the nostalgia buttons in my brain, but unlike Jurassic World, it never felt trite.  Even with the BIG THING at the climax of the finale, as hammy as it was, I still felt "yeah, no, I know you're pandering to me, but . . . this is GOOD."


Gonna recommend this to anyone who was a kid or a teen in the 80s.  Hell, maybe even the "grown ups" from back then will love this too, although it might not be cynical enough for the older Gen-Xers, heh.

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Afterlife is pretty much the only movie of the last three or four years I've had any desire to see in a theater.  Planning to go tomorrow, hopefully convincing my mother to join me because Ghostbusters is one of her favorite movies.  Mine too, truth be told.

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