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Adding Overgrowth endurance for Self in MIDS


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If you notice Overgrowth is not showing any endurance discount for your build in MIDS. 
If you are like me,  you need endurance numbers. 


Do the following. 

Options > Advanced > Main Database Editor > Click Main Database Editor button > Power Database Browser appears

Left side Groups Column > highlight Mastermind_Buff  > Set Column changes>Select/highlight Nature Affinity > Power Column changes to Nature Affinity powers > Double click Overgrowth > New box opens up Edit Power (mastermind_Buff.Natgure_affinity.Overgrowth) 
Click on Effects Tab > Highlight 74.5% Enhancement ( EnduranceDiscount) to Ally for 60 seconds ( Non-resistable) [Ignores Enchantments a & Buffs] Effect does not stack from same caster. 


Click the duplicate button. 
You will now have this twice on the list.

Pick either one as you will need to change one of the setting to SELF.. 


Click EDIT Button.


New box appears Edit Effects # (each affect is given a number, mine said 9 ) for :Mastermind_Buff_Nature_Affinity.Overgrowth


Left side look for a box that says Affects: It should say Ally. 
Change that to SELF  and save all the way back out. 

It then shows up on your View Totals section with the endurance discount.





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