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"Return to Battle" Prestige Revival Power Bugged

Burnt Umber

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The prestige power "Return to Battle" (and likely its twin revival power) seem to have broken recharges since the new Page went live.


Normally and prior to the most recent patch, these powers had a recharge of 30 minutes, which matches its in-game power information.   However, currently whenever I have used it since the most recent patch, the powers seem to have a recharge of 100 minutes (according to the power recharge counter on the power as well as eyeballing it from my on clock).  I don't see any mention of such a charge in the patch notes, so I believe this is currently bugged.

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The power has a base recharge of 1 hour, and cannot be affected by recharge buffs or debuffs.  It shares this cooldown with the P2W Renewel of Light if you also have that.


But, there is something fluke-ish that does happen that sometimes sets its recharge to over 100 minutes occasionally.  This has happened to me several times before Page 3.  I couldn't tell you what might be causing it though.

Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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I have experienced the same problem. It used to be 30 minutes. For some reason, it is now 1 hour (according to Info), so the devs must have changed it without adding this change to the patch notes. The problem I experienced was that sometimes the cooldown was 120 minutes instead of 60 minutes. I could not tell what triggers the longer cooldown. Maybe slow effects from NPC make the cooldown longer.


Also, I don't understand why it was necessary to change the cooldown from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Were many players abusing this temp power at 30 minutes?

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Can we get a fix for this please??  I should think this is a something that can be easily worked into a general update, but with the immanent release of the i27 Page, perhaps this can be included?!  REALLY tired of having a 2-hour cool down on a power that is only supposed to be 1 hour.  

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