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Changing Graphics Settings No Longer Working

Sister Corruption

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I had this problem with a dual monitor setup.  The only way I was able to solve it was to switch to a single monitor while I'm playing CoH and then gamma works again.  If it's the same issue then Windows key+P is a useful shortcut to quickly disable your extra monitor.

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Not sure in this case, but there are situations where the slash commands (/optionset parameter) work — and allow extended control — when the menu items don't.

UPDATED: v4.15 Technical Guide (post 27p7)... 154 pages of comprehensive and validated info on on the nuts and bolts!
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Gamma is unfortunately broken due to a Windows API change after a certain Windows 10 patch a couple years ago — something to do with the nighttime color shift they added.


It works on *some* graphics drivers for some reason but definitely not all, including mine.


I have a possible workaround in the pipeline but multimonitor setups make it difficult to do right without the risk of the game closing and not resetting the gamma back to what it was. Also investigating doing it at the shader level instead, but that may reduce color quality so I’m not sure if it’s the best way to go.

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